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In 1988, twin brothers Dan and Dave Barbacovi were thinking of a way to make a few extra dollars on the weekends away from their regular jobs, so when the opportunity arose, they bought a bounce house.  They attended a few local events like Sidewalk Sales, Small Town Picnics and they found that it was a profitable little venture.  

They thought, "If we had more rides....we could make more money"  so, they decided to purchase a small train ride and built their very own "Duck Pond game". They continued to visit various events, and in 1989 and 1990, they purchased several larger rides from the Skerbek Carnival and Wenzel's Amazement Carnival and decided to hit the road to more and larger events. 

Still keeping their original jobs, Dan, a Paramedic, and Dave, a Sheriff Deputy and Paramedic worked the carnival on the weekends with family members and some friends.  

In 1992, they heard that the Ashland County Fair in Marengo, WI was looking for a carnival for the fair.  Dan and Dave met with the Ashland County Fair Board and make a simple promise to them.  "If you want to hire the most rag-tag little carnival around, we would love to play your fair.  We are not be the fanciest carnival...but we will never leave you."  The Ashland County Fair agreed to hire Spectrum, and they are still entertaining Ashland Counties fairgoers to this day.  

Over the years, they have grown and continue to upgrade and update rides and games.  They now travel with over 40 carnival rides, 6-8 food concession wagons and countless midway games.  Currently they travel with two units, Dan travels with one unit while David travels with the other unit. This is to cover more events in a industry where carnivals are in demand and on occasion they come together for larger events.  They are currently working on opening a small third unit.

"We never expected this to grow so big" said Dan.  "It went from having fun to a full time job, but we love to go and meet new people at events and catch up with old friends every year." 

Spectrum Carnival travels Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan bringing smiles to the faces of the kids of all ages.  They currently travel with 3 units that are both licensed in Wisconsin and Michigan. 

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